Pet Policy

Shana By The Beach is proud to be a pet friendly hotel, and makes you easy to overnight with four-legged friends with pet-friendly features. We welcome two pets up to 50 lbs for an additional fee of $35 per night.

Shana By The Beach is pleased to be a pet-friendly hotel.
To ensure the comfort of all our guests, please review the below and sign in acknowledgment of this policy.
Unattended Pets Agreement
Pets may not be left in the room unattended unless within a kennel and only if the pet does not create noise disturbances to surrounding guest rooms. If your pet is left unattended and this results in noise concerns, you agree that the hotel will place the pet into the care of a local Pet Sitting Service.
The hotel will charge 100$ for unattended pets resulting in noise complaints.
Shana By The Beach Hotel does not accept any responsibility or liability for unattended pets.
Pet Policy and Fees
The hotel will charge a nightly cleaning fee of 35$ per night and room.
The rate includes the right to stay and the deep cleaning policy.
We allow pets in the restaurant in the designated area.
We do not allow pets in the Pool Decks.
Dogs and cats are considered pets.
All pets must have their vaccine record card, which will be stored from your first visit. Help us to have a better control; it’s for everybody’s benefit.
Pets must wear a collar and leash and it will be the owner’s responsibility to have it at their reach.
The pet should not show aggressive behavior. In case your pet becomes aggressive or noisy, the hotel will ask the guest to leave the property.
Pets must be clean, flea and tick free and up to date with their vaccines and deworming.
Any damage caused by the pet is responsibility of its owner. The space and peace of the other guests must be respected always.
It’s responsibility of the owner to pick up the dog’s poop. Please be a responsible owner.
Pets cannot pee in the planters. If you ever see a dog doing it, please let the reception known so we can maintain a cleaner environment.
If you’re going to leave the hotel, your pet won’t stay alone in the room unless it’s inside a crate and you’ll have to notify the reception that you’re going out.
All the damages caused inside the rooms will be covered in full by the owner before the check out.
The hotel is not responsible for the pets staying here, it is only and exclusively the owner’s responsibility.
The Service Dogs are exempt from the above hotel fees and policies.

We appreciate and thank you for observing these rules. We hope you and your pets have a lovely stay at Shana By The Beach Hotel.