The Pescadora Billfish Championship

The Pescadora Billfish Championship is truly a unique tournament.  Not only is this billfishing event specifically for women, but we bring experienced and non-experienced female anglers together to compete for the title of the World’s Top Lady Anglers!  This tournament is a mix of hook and hand, and hook your own…. Two top lady angler awards are presented, one to the female who reels in the most fish (hook & hand), and the other to the female that hooks and reels in her own fish (per IGFA rules) along with overall team awards.  There is no other billfishing tournament in the world with this competitive ground-breaking format, that gives every skill level the ability to be competitive!

This event was designed to not just be a tournament. The goal is to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone through competition. Whether than means catching your first billfish, hooking your own fish, holding a rod all day to make you that much faster to the drop back, learning to fish with a different type of tackle that you aren’t familiar with, or learning how to catch and release a billfish in stand-up gear…. they are all pieces to the puzzle that can help you be successful no matter where in the world you fish.

This 2 fishing day tournament is held in Quepos, Costa Rica at the prestigious Marina Pez Vela.  A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Costa Rica’s Residence of Life private orphanage!